Mini-conference for Florida Writers’ Association was very enjoybable and beneficial!

This was quite a hectic week. I was in Daytona for a work conference Monday through Friday. It takes about three and a half to four hours to get there. The conference was productive, and I lucked out by having to move rooms and got a room that faced the ocean. Nice. I worked on rereading my draft of Lucky while I was free to relax each night before bed. I am enjoying rereading the draft and have about fifty pages to go.

Today, I attended the mini-conference sponsored by the Florida Writers’ Association. It was in Orlando, which is about two hours away. I was curious to see if I would like it and wanted to decide whether or not I should join. I thought the conference was definitely worth it and plan to become an FWA member. I was pleased with all of the presentations, although one was not as good as the others. I did learn some new information but was happy to learn that my writing and publication efforts are strong. Almost all of the editing tips involved things I’ve been doing with my novels for the last fourteen years, and my publication efforts are definitely going in the right direction. My research throughout the years helped me to avoid many of the pitfalls of the publishing world, but I am always learning new tips so that I can move forward now that I have two books out in e-format and (soon) in print.
It’s great to have confirmation of one’s abilities and choices, although we each have plenty to learn.

I met some extremely nice and interesting people at the mini-conference. Author Ben Hale was my favorite presenter, and I will have to see if his books are available in audio format. I had a lovely discussion with several other authors, including a non-fiction writer named Zamir and Leonard Birdsong, Professor of Law at Barry University.

The main FWA conference is in October, so I’ll be checking that out.

There is an Indie Authors’ Conference I plan to attend in August that will also be held in Orlando. I’ll have to get those tickets and mark that Saturday off on my calendar!

Time to go read more of Lucky. I’d like to finish reading the draft this weekend so I can focus on the marketing again now that we will soon have the books in print. It will be great once that happens so I can REALLY do some all-out promoting!

Have a lovely week, loyal readers!

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