Cover reveal and release dates, a blog tour set, cover art in progress, an author marketing meeting, and a new author photo!

The cover reveal for The Healer’s Gift has been set for August 6th, and the release date for the novel will be September 10th!  Two bloggers, Tamara McRae of Hook Me Up Book Blog ( ) and Melissa Baker of Buried Under Books Blog ( ), had approached me about participating in all things relating to the reveal and release.  I am thrilled to be working with them.  However, I’ve also decided to utilize Book Enthusiast Promotions at to organize the cover reveal and blog tour.  I’ve never done either and need someone who is passionate about what authors do and who can organize things in such a way that will maximize my marketing reach.  We will all be working together on the reveal and the blog tour.  I love it.  I want to be involved with others who are as enthusiastic as I am about all things literary, and these three fabulous ladies certainly qualify.  I can’t wait to connect with the others who will be involved!

Work on the cover and teaser photos for The Healer’s Gift is underway.  We had a photo shoot today with one model, Julie Johnes, and will do the other shoot next weekend.  Things went well this morning despite the heat, and we got some great pictures.  It was an adventure.  🙂

Last Thursday, I attended a lecture given at Village Voices and Eclectic Art in Bradenton by an author named John Pearce, who wrote a novel called Treasure of Saint-Lazare.  It’s a historical thriller. I bought a copy, although I have no clue as to when I’ll have time to read it.  Mr. Pearce discussed his approach to marketing and things he’s learned to do and not to do during his publication journey.  I definitely learned some new tips and, best of all, got the reaffirmation that my approach and efforts are valid.  I seemed to know a lot more than many of the others who were gathered there and was, therefore, able to connect with him and understand everything he was discussing.  Some of his preferences (like Twitter) don’t interest me, but some of mine (like Facebook) don’t interest him.  The most valuable and exciting thing I learned was that I can have my books in audio format a lot easier than I thought!  I don’t have time at the moment, but I plan to investigate getting In a Manner of Speaking and Over, Under, Across & Through in audio as well as The Healer’s Gift.  And so on…and so on…and so on….  I know so many people like audio because of it’s convenience.  Being visually-impaired, I love it because it allows me to easily read books that would normally be laborious for me to plow through.  I’d never get anything read if I didn’t have my books from the Library of Congress and audio books from iTunes.  Of course, I haven’t had time to read anything for fun in at least a month.  That’s part of the author commitment.  Crazy busy is good.

I’m attaching the new author photo that I’ll be using on the back of The Healer’s Gift.   It’s also my new profile photo on Facebook and on the Florida Writers’ Association site.  I’ll probably update Goodreads and other sites as well when I have more than two seconds to do anything like that. 

Have a great week!  Happy reading!




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