My first Tamapa Area Romance Authors meeting plus subscribing to Romantic Times and work on Sight Unseen

Yesterday, I attended my first Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA) meeting.  There were about 20 members present.  The meeting reminded me of the FWA meetings I attend in Bradenton in that it involved critiquing of various types of writing.  In this one, however, we reviewed pitch letters, since several members were headed to the Romance Writers of America 2013 Convention.  There were also blurb reviews and reviews from works in progress.  I didn’t bring anything, since it was my first meeting.  I wanted to participate and observe but see how things were done.  I found out that the critiquing meeting is only once a year!  Usually, there is a program with a speaker(s) on specific topics.  I will be interested in that, especially since I already have the critiquing group that I attend twice a month here in town.  I did meet other authors who were friendly and diverse and heard some very interesting readings and story lines.  I look forward to next month’s meeting, although I feel badly for Joe.  The meetings last from 10-3 with an hour break for lunch.  There’s a Barnes & Noble right next door and a Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Whole Foods, etc., but five hours is a long time to kill.  He worked on his computer, shopped, and read a book while he waited for me.  I’m hoping there is someone else from my area I can ride with in the future so that he won’t have to bring me. Budge has drum lessons until lunchtime on Saturday, so he can’t bring me.  We’ll see. 

Another new thing I did this weekend was subscribe to Romantic Times, a magazine geared towards the romance genre.  I investigated their yearly convention, which will be held in New Orleans in 2014.  I’m going to look into it.  I would like to attend RWA or RT in 2014, but I can only pick one due to time and money.  So, I’ll have to decide which one will be the most beneficial for me at this point.  I’ll be curious to read RT when I get my first issue.  I am not a magazine reader in general, but this is definitely one worth reading and comes in a digital format, which is much easier for me to read because of my lack of central vision.  I can have the computer read me the articles.  Yay!

I did work on Sight Unseen a bit.  I’d written, scrapped and rewritten the chapter I’m on several times but found it just wasn’t working for me.  I think I finally found the correct approach and had a great link that made itself known to me while I was writing this afternoon.  I love those “a-ha” moments.  They’re great! 

Of course, I had errands and things around the house that required my attention.  I also did some work via Facebook and Gmail and figured out part of the TARANS group on Yahoo.  That was a challenge for me, but I got it figured out thanks to my son’s computer expertise!

Off to bed so that I can get up and go to work bright and early tomorrow!  Have a great week, and happy reading!


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