No, it’s not the name of a new novel.  Sidetracked is what I became last night.  I’ve been troubled by chapters 1 & 2 of A Lovely Dream for a while and took the first 8 pages to the critiquing group for review.  My suspicions were confirmed in that I needed to change things and get into the character and story a lot more quickly than I had.  Therefore, when I got home,  it started.  I simply took out chapters 1 & 2, pasted them into a blank document, and started with chapter 3.  It’s been an interesting process reworking things, but I do think it’s much better this way.  Of course, I’ll have to reread the entire book to make sure that nothing I rearranged early on affects anything that I may have missed.  However, I think I’ve covered most of the bases with what I’ve done.  I will now put it aside again for a bit and let it percolate.  Then I’ll go back to it.

I  do have some exciting news!  I’ll be meeting Tricia Zoeller, author of First Born, and Stacy Bailey Darnell, who moderates the Facebook Bloggers & Authors Group, at the Indie conference Budge and I are attending in Orlando on August 3rd.  It will be wonderful to connect with FB friends who live in other states and talk face-to-face!

I’ll be releasing my first teaser photo for The Healer’s Gift very soon.  very soon.  🙂

Have a great week, and happy reading!


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