In a Manner of Speaking

Neile Landry, a talented corporate interpreter, must face her past fears and rethink her future plans when she’s confronted with deception, threats to her life, and murder. Her wealthy employer dies in a suspicious car accident that also critically injures her best friend, leading Neile to form an unlikely partnership with Scotsman Ewen Erskine, whose uncle died unexpectedly that same night. As secret plans for a global healthcare network are revealed, more deaths follow. Neile soon finds herself in a personal as well as professional relationship with Erskine as they work together in their efforts to uncover the truth. Their journey takes them from Louisiana to Scotland, but the killer follows. As they grapple with insidious attacks by an elusive sociopath, Neile struggles to overcome increasing difficulty with a congenital heart condition and her painful past, while Erskine tries to deal with terrible secrets from his youth. In the terrifying inevitable confrontation with the killer, Neile realizes that more is at stake than she ever imagined. If the murderer prevails, then everyone she cares about will die. Neile resolves to stop the killer but wonders if she’ll lose her own life in the process.


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