The cover reveal for A Good Man’s Life:  Book 2 in The Real World Series will take place on January 14th!  Image

That will also kick off the fabulous giveaway that will last through February 1st, the release date for the novel.  Those making donations to the giveaway so far include me (obviously), Nancy S. Thompson, Aleatha Romig, Hook Me Up Book Blog, Christina North, Karen Luellen, Momma’s Secret Book Obsession, Trista Jaszczak, Marie Whathen, Yessi Smith, Renee Cleveland, and K.D. Bloodworth.


I can’t wait for everyone to see the amazing cover for this novel.  Artist Lisa Anderson of Barefoot in the Glass

( http://www.barefootintheglass.com ) created the piece for me that ended up becoming the cover of Book 1, Over, Under, Across & Through.  I commissioned this piece specifically for Book 2 and gave her elements I wanted included, which I did with the first piece.  Once again, she took the elements and added her own unique twist.  The piece looks amazing.  Budge put in the text, and it worked perfectly.  It’s very striking and fits well with the story and characters.  

I can’t wait to see what Lisa does for the cover of Book 3, Mercy, which will be released in 2015.  I haven’t commissioned that piece, yet.  She’s  a busy lady, and we still have plenty of time.  At least the draft is ready.  One less thing to worry about. 

I need to focus on my next release after AGML, which will be a contemporary romance called Prim and Proper.  I definitely want a hot cover for that one and all the contemporary romances that will follow.  An  author’s work is never done, which is a good thing.  I’m always writing and learning.  There is so much to do, and my lifetime suddenly seems so short now that I’ve begun publishing.  I’ll continue to evolve along with the literary industry and hope to make the magical connection that will expand my readership exponentially.

I’m looking forward to an amazing 2014, and I hope that everyone else is, too!  Happy New Year!


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