Today’s the day!  Here is the magnificent cover for A Good Man’s Life: Book 2 of The Real World Series.  The novel goes LIVE on February 1st!


The stained glass piece I commissioned was from Lisa Anderson of Barefoot in the Glass (http://www.barefootintheglass.com/).  She hadn’t read the rough draft, and I told her I wanted a journal and a red rose as the two necessary elements that go along with the characters and storyline.  She so nailed it!  Somehow, she always manages to intuit what I want without having read a rough draft first.  Budge added the title, my name, and the words on the journal via the computer after taking a picture of the piece.  The combination is perfect.  When you read the book, you’ll understand why this cover is so significant.  I can’t wait for Lisa to begin work this year on the cover for Mercy:  Book 3 of The Real World Series, which will be released in 2015.  One thing at a time!  Now that the cover for this book has been revealed, I’ll be turning my attention to the giveaway and to promoting the book itself and those participating in the giveaway and promo leading up to the novel’s release. 


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