Web Page Resconstruction

I am hopeful that tomorrow we will be able to get with Jedd to work on the On My Way Up main web page.  At the moment, it’s just being  rerouted to the blog page, which is fine.  I want an attractive, up-to-date look that will give readers and fans an enjoyable tour of the site so they can learn more about me, my work, merchandise, and related links.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can have it up (maybe) tomorrow. 

The old main page was great for a couple of years.  However, as I’ve evolved as an Indie author in our wonderful literary world, I felt that the web page needed to evolve, too.  While reconstruction is under way, the URL will be down.  One can still reach the blog page directly, but I’m thinking it will only be down for a few hours.  Regardless, I’ll post to give everyone an update tomorrow.