It’s 2034.  In 2029, the D Plague struck and killed half the world’s population. Those who contracted the virus faced certain death and the disintegration of their bodies afterwards into dust.  Unbeknownst to all but a handful of people left on Earth, one twenty-two-year-old man contracted the D Plague and lived.  His name is Aric Rodrigue.

Aric may be a living miracle, but he’s haunted by survivor’s guilt.  His entire family gone, he gave up his dream of attending medical school in order to take over his parents’ pharmaceutical company.  He knows he’s doing good work but can’t seem to alleviate his depression and loneliness.

Then, Aric meets Chelsea Capra.  He immediately senses that the woman is anything but average. He discovers that she suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2033 and remembers nothing of her previous life.  A computer genius who has lingering emotional and physical challenges, Chelsea improves with Aric’s help, and they fall in love.  However, the couple quickly comes to the conclusion that their pasts are somehow linked. They become suspicious of the government employees protecting them. Aric combines his resources, connections, and drive in his efforts to save them, but he wonders whether or not he’s been betrayed by his closest friend and former lover, the first female President of the United States.

Lucky Dokchampa

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