Jordan’s Way: Book 2 of The Gift Series

Jordan, daughter of the famed healer Collum, has always taken pride in her independent nature and in the fact that she’s the only woman on the planet Etherea who possesses “the healer’s gift.” This ability allows healers to sense what is wrong with their patients and, therefore, to treat them more effectively. Most others respect her because of her talent but consider her an evolutionary mistake. However, she finds acceptance, excitement, and purpose by treating soldiers in the war camps. Enjoying her nomadic life, Jordan is comfortable with her uniqueness and doesn’t believe she needs the love of any man in order to be fulfilled.

When she begins to have premonitions and is captured by enemy soldiers, Jordan becomes embroiled in a quest to save the great-niece of her King, a child who is the product of rape and is being used as a pawn by her own father. The baby will suffer a fate worse than death if she isn’t rescued before her first birthday. Noah, the King’s bastard son, is not only intent on saving his infant cousin and avenging the murder of her mother, but he also knows he’s the ideal match for Jordan. Like her, he’s respected but is also set apart from others. Unlike her, his separateness results from the circumstances of his birth and from the berserker rages he succumbs to during battles. These rages make him the perfect weapon and help to relieve the fury and guilt he’s carried within since his own mother’s murder.

As Jordan and Noah travel along the border of Amare in their attempts to find the baby and stop the infant’s rapist father from carrying out his evil plot, both come to understand that love and desire are the most important tools they have in their own quest to stay alive and together. But a twisted part of Noah’s past will threaten his life and sanity. If Jordan can’t heal him, body and soul, then her final premonition will come true. If it does, then both of the lovers are doomed. Jordan refuses to accept that outcome, but her strength of will may not be enough to prevent tragic events from robbing her of the future she longs to have with Noah.

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