A Sexy Deleted Scene from Jordan’s Way

I hope you enjoy this sexy deleted scene from Jordan’s Way:  Book 2 in the Gift Series.  Jordan, the only woman on the planet Etherea who possesses “the healer’s gift,” doesn’t believe she needs the love of any man in order to be fulfilled.  Then, she begins having premonitions and meets Noah, a soldier who’s her ideal match in almost every way.  They fall in love while on a dangerous quest.  But can Jordan heal Noah’s wounded psyche, or will his past threaten their future together?

NOTE:  This scene contains explicit sexual content and is meant for audiences 18 years or older.


Sexy, Satisfying Revenge

“Sit in the chair, Noah.”

“Not until you explain what you plan to do.  I know you want revenge for last night when I made you scream so loudly that almost everyone in this war camp heard.  Tell me what you have in mind.”

“No.  Now, sit.”

“I will not.”

“Fine,” Jordan said casually.  “I guess you’ll never know what I was planning for you.”

Noah was intrigued, as she’d known he would be.  He began to go towards the chair, but she stopped him.

“Remove your clothes first.”

Crossing his muscular arms in front of his chest, Noah looked shrewdly at her and refused.

“Fine,” she repeated, pulling her honey blond hair over one shoulder and beginning to braid it.  “Let us go to bed then.”

She could tell simply by looking at the front of Noah’s pants that he was hard.  His curiosity and need wouldn’t let him ignore her request.  After shaking his head, raking his black hair with his fingers, and muttering about how he would probably regret what he was about to do, Noah undressed, sauntered over to the chair, and sat.  Jordan smiled, admiring his soldier’s physique and the black tattoos that decorated his upper arms and shoulders.  His erection was the only part of him that betrayed his nonchalant attitude.

“Do you trust me?” Jordan asked.  “Totally?”

“Of course.”

“You know I’d never be cruel to you in any way?”

“I know that well.”

“Then prove it by giving me your complete trust now.  I’ll definitely reward you for it.”

“Will you then?” he asked, as his mouth twisted into a wry smile.  “Your violet eyes are filled with mischief.”

“Oh, I’ll reward you well,” she said with a smile of her own.

“Then do with me what you will.”

Her smile widened, and she said, “Remember that when you’re begging me to stop because I’m bringing you so much pleasure.”

Noah laughed and said, “I would never beg for anything, and you could never give me too much pleasure.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Jordan moved behind his chair.  When Noah began to look behind him, she told him to keep his head facing forward.  He shrugged and turned back around.  As he did so, Jordan withdrew a black strip of cloth from one of her healer’s bags, folding it over twice before telling Noah to close his eyes.  Once he’d done so, she blindfolded him.  He frowned.

“I love you,” she whispered before drawing her tongue down his neck and over one tattooed shoulder.  “Keep trusting me.”

Noah stiffened when she took one of his wrists, brought it to the back of the chair, and tied it with another strip of cloth, but he didn’t ask her to stop.  She did the same thing to his other wrist.  She hadn’t made the knots tight; the binding had been done to make a point, not to actually restrain him.  Both of them knew that he could easily work his hands free if he so desired.

Despite her soreness from their lovemaking the previous night, Jordan ached to take her man’s cock between her legs.   Once she’d removed her pants and shirt, she went to stand in front of Noah, who waited uncertainly.  She bent to kiss him.  When she drew away, she offered him one nipple.  He latched onto it and sucked greedily.  Jordan allowed this for some minutes as she caressed his chest, back, shoulders, and belly with her hands.  When she went to step away from him, he was forced to release her nipple.

Jordan’s hands moved downward.  Noah groaned as she palmed his shaft and protested when she suddenly stopped.

“I would be in you,” he said urgently.  “Take me in you!”

“If you insist,” she said coyly.  “Spread your knees for me.”

His brow furrowed, but he complied.  Jordan placed a folded blanket on the ground between his thighs and knelt on it.  She took his stiff shaft in her hands and began to work it by squeezing it as she moved her hands up and down.  He groaned and ordered that she immediately take him inside of her.

“As you wish.”

When she wrapped her lips around the swollen head of his cock, Noah sucked in his breath and pulled at the restraints on his wrists.  Jordan knew that he wanted to slip his fingers into her hair, and she wanted that, too.

Another time, she reminded herself.  Tonight is not the night for that.

Jordan drew on him with delicious and deliberate attention.  Noah’s breathing became ragged, and he was close to coming.  She sensed that he wanted to push his hips upward but didn’t, probably because he was worried about hurting her.  When she grazed his length with her teeth, he cried out loudly and came.

“God, Jordan,” Noah panted once he’d come down from his climax.  “That was indescribable.”

After she’d taken a drink of wine, she agreed.  However, when he suggested that she remove the bindings on his wrists and the blindfold, she informed him, “We’re not done.  Not even close.”

“But –”


You talk of patience?  You’re one of the most impatient women I’ve ever known.”

“You have to be hard again in order for me to continue my ministrations.  I can be patient while I wait for that.  I know you.  It won’t be long.”

Noah fell silent.  Jordan forced herself not to make any sound or touch him in order to increase his level of anticipation.  When he grew hard again, she sat astride his legs, her chest against his.  Fervently kissing him, she positioned his cock between her folds; then she eased it inside. She was mindful of the fact that they were on a wooden chair and that Noah’s wrists were bound.  One wrong move could topple them to the ground.

“Put your knees together,” she commanded between kisses.  “Mm.  That’s better.”

It was still awkward, but the fact that Jordan was a tall woman made the position workable.  It would’ve been easier had Noah been able to wrap his arms around her, but she wasn’t going to release him until she was done with him for the night.

Jordan rode Noah hard, biting his shoulder in order to suppress her cries when she came.  Noah called out her name as he released in her.  Afterwards, he didn’t ask her to remove the blindfold, untie him, or stop.  She helped him to drink some of the wine that she’d had earlier.

One more time, Jordan decided.  A coming that will bring with it a return of my equality.

She removed the blindfold, and Noah blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light cast by the lanterns.  He looked Jordan over as she stood in front of him.  The amethyst pendant hung on its chain just above her breasts.  Her skin was damp with perspiration, and her face was flushed.  Noah’s shaft was soon fully erect, but he waited silently for her next move.

Jordan knelt between Noah’s thighs once more.  Then she stroked his cock for several minutes before placing its base between her breasts.  She looked up expectantly at Noah, who was staring down at her, his eyes glazed over with lust.  She dropped her head, bent forward, and took only the tip of his erection into her mouth.  The taste of him was now salty and sweet, and she concentrated on her efforts to make him scream as she had the previous night.

Jordan kept up the movements of her lips, tongue, and teeth until Noah, sounding desperate and almost mad with desire, pleaded hoarsely, “Jordan, please!  I can take no more.  Finish me or stop!”

Pausing, but not lifting her head, Jordan said, “You told me when we were first together and I begged you to stop that I’d do the same to you one day and that I wouldn’t listen to you either.  You were right.  You were relentless, and I couldn’t cease coming.  Now, I’m giving you a taste of your own medicine.”

She mercilessly sucked on the swollen head of his shaft until he could hold off no longer.  When Noah’s orgasm hit him, Jordan sat back on her haunches, rubbed his thighs and balls, and watched.  Never taking his eyes from her face, he roared with his climax, lifting his hips.  Once he was spent, Jordan kissed him.  Then she went around and untied him.  The other men in their part of the war camp had certainly heard his cries of pleasure.  They now knew that the great warrior who could make his wife scream with desire was equally susceptible to her sexual control.

I’ve regained my equality, Jordan thought, grinning.  I’ve gotten my way.