Sight Unseen: The Limitless Series, Book 1

Marketing consultant Beth Paneera thrills at the prospect of working with computer engineer Logan Kirkland to make his new business, Sight Unseen, a success in Sarasota, Florida.  When they meet face-to-face and Beth discovers that Logan is blind, she welcomes the opportunity to learn how someone who is visually impaired can live independently, run his own business, and cycle for enjoyment.  Despite her hesitation when it comes to trusting men, she and the sexy, charismatic Logan become fast friends, comfortable with each other and their unique talents and quirks.  Once the Sight Unseen store opens and their business association ends, they decide to explore their relationship on a much deeper level.

Logan’s blindness and society’s preconceived notions about it are only two of many difficulties that they face as a couple.  Issues amongst Beth, her parents, and her brother strain the family’s uneasy balance.  Logan’s unusual childhood and a terrible tragedy in his hometown in Tennessee cause him to reevaluate his life and goals.  These factors, plus the appearance of Beth’s ex-boyfriend, alternately draw Logan and Beth together and push them apart.

Beth comes to think of Logan as her “blind warrior,” a strong, handsome, honorable man she loves in spite of her fear of betrayal.  However, it becomes clear that Beth is not the only one in their relationship who has trust issues to resolve.  Logan’s greatest challenge lies ahead, and Beth’s blind warrior must fight the greatest battle of his life if he wants to win her heart forever.


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