A Hot Deleted Scene from Sight Unseen: The Limitless Series, Book 1

For those of you who have yet to read Sight Unseen, here is a short blurb to set the stage for the steamy deleted scene below. 

Marketing consultant Beth Panera thrills at the prospect of working with computer engineer Logan Kirkland to make his new business a success.  When Beth discovers that Logan is blind, she welcomes the opportunity to learn how someone who is visually impaired can live independently and run his own business.  Beth and the sexy, charismatic Logan eventually decide to become romantically involved, despite the many obstacles they must face together.

Beth comes to think of Logan as her “blind warrior,” a strong, handsome, honorable man she loves in spite of her fear of betrayal.  However, Beth is not the only one in their relationship who has trust issues to resolve.  Logan’s greatest challenge lies ahead, and Beth’s blind warrior must fight the greatest battle of his life if he wants to win her heart forever.

Below is a deleted sex scene from Sight Unseen:  The Limitless Series, Book 1.  It contains explicit sexual content and is meant for readers who are 18 years or older.

Logan had her top down and her skirt up in seconds.  She gasped as he quickly pulled off her bikini underwear and tossed it to the floor.  When she told him that she wanted more, he moved upwards, wove his fingers into her hair, and said, “Take it from me.”

“Take what?”

“More.  Whatever you want.”

She unzipped his shorts and pushed them and his boxers down before declaring, “I need you.  Now.

Logan was completely nude in moments.  He gently parted her thighs and rubbed at the juncture between them, causing her to reposition herself on the couch so that she was leaning back against one of the throw pillows.  It struck Beth that she’d never seen herself like this.

She looked at Logan’s face.  His eyes were, of course, closed.  His muscular body and striking features combined to make him appear more solid and strong than any man Beth had ever known.  She wished he could see her and wondered whether or not he would think she was beautiful if he could.

Beth cupped the back of Logan’s head with her hands and watched him make love to her with his mouth.  The way he used his tongue on her was exhilarating, and her breasts began to rise and fall more quickly.  She was about to tell him to stop before she came when the climax hit her.  He didn’t stop, and she didn’t look away.  She found that this drew out her orgasm and reveled in every second.

When Beth’s climax peaked, she cried out and collapsed back onto the throw pillow that was catty-corner at the end of the couch.  She was trembling, hot, and totally wrung out.  That was why she sucked in a breath as Logan repositioned himself and thrust between her legs.  She released a cry of pleasure and reached back to pull the throw pillow out from under her.

Beth reclined and wrapped her arms around Logan, who was riding her hard.  Deliciously swollen from her recent climax, Beth pushed her hips upwards.  Logan grunted his approval then made a strangled noise when she brought her knees up and locked her ankles around his waist.  As she felt him climax, Beth dug her nails into his back and followed suit.  They both stilled, enjoying a respite from the stress of their everyday lives.  Beth wished it could last forever.