Famous Last Words

Cate had expected Jake to initiate sex the moment they were both naked, but he didn’t.  Instead, he hooked one arm around her waist and gently drew her down onto the mattress until her back rested against his front.  He spooned her tiny body with his and protectively draped his arms around her.

“I’ll always take care of you, Baby,” he murmured.  “I swear I’ll never let anything happen to you.”

Cate wanted to tell him there were certain things he couldn’t control, but she didn’t have her phone.  Even if she had, she didn’t feel as if it was the right time to remind him of reality.  He needed to feel as though he could protect her from any potential dangers in the world.

I’ve lived through enough in my life, she thought, as she fell asleep.  Certainly nothing else horrific can happen to me now….

Never tempt fate, right?  We all hope that the bad times are over when we’re experiencing good ones.  I’ve learned to appreciate the good times.  After all, things can change when one least expects it!

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Cate Nasello, who is mute, collides with Logan Kirkland, a blind business owner, on a downtown Sarasota sidewalk one morning on her way to work.  Unable to communicate with Logan because of their individual physical limitations, she unsuccessfully attempts to apologize.  The events that follow force the beautiful, petite Cate out of an emotional isolation that began eighteen years earlier when a murder-suicide destroyed her family.

While struggling to deal with her past and her present challenges, Cate meets Jake Genter, a handsome paramedic who offers her comfort and the opportunity for romance.  Impulsive and intense, Jake reminds Cate that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  She realizes that she can love and be loved by someone, something she never expected due to her muteness and her troubled history. Immediate attraction and an impetuous love affair lead to more than a hasty fling, but Cate wonders whether or not Jake’s overprotectiveness stems from his love for her or his own fear of betrayal.

As their whirlwind courtship develops into a serious relationship, Cate finds her voice by using technology in order to reach not only Jake but also others worldwide.  Yet, some people from her father’s criminal past have long memories and want to keep her silent.  Cate knows that if she intends to have a lifetime with Jake and her new family and friends, she’ll have to save herself from her father’s legacy and the terrible secret in Jake’s past that threaten their future happiness.

Happy reading!