The Nameless, the Final Book of The Gift Series, is LIVE! A Beginning, an End, and a Beginning….

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The Nameless:  Book 4 of The Gift Series is now available in Kindle and paperback!  Okay, so it was actually available on September 12th, but I was unable to post about it due to Hurricane Irma and the passing of our beloved 13-year-old dog, Declan.  We still have no electricity, but I have a hot spot and can now access the Internet.  Hence, today’s blog.

As you can tell, I recorded the video before the hurricane hit.  I’m glad that I did but wish that I’d had time to set it to automatically post to my blog on the 12th.  Ah, well!

If you enjoy this book, I’d love it if you’d leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads and if you’d share it with others.  Thank you to Gift Series fans for your enthusiasm and support!

As I said in the video, The Gift Series may have come to a close, but The Legacy Series will keep readers involved with those on the world of Etherea.  However, that series will focus on Anya’s three sexy – and very different – brothers, plus one other man you’ll meet at the end of The Nameless.

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Happy reading!