To Write or Not To Write? That is the question….

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves in a rut.  Things might be going along at a fast clip, and then WHAM!  Sometimes, there are incidents that put up roadblocks on our path to fulfillment.  Other times, routine can lead to boredom, and this can halt progress.  For me, I think a combination of Irma, the loss of our elderly dog, and my falling into a rut combined to leave me feeling creatively stagnant.

Then came Hadrian.  Our Yorkie puppy is adorable, but I’d forgotten how exhausting it can be to have a puppy in the house!  Although things went smoothly, having a new “baby” is quite tiring, especially when one is dealing with various chronic physical conditions.  However, being the primary caregiver for our new  dog helped to snap me out of my malaise.  Once the initial adjustment period was done, I went back to work when Hadrian took naps.

As a result, I’ve finished the draft for Spirits Corner, the third book in the Essential Elements Series (not yet released).  It was such a thrill to know that I was finally able to finish a draft I’d started during the summer.  I’m currently taking a break to decide on the cover for my early 2018 release, Unheard Of:  Book 3 of The Limitless Series. 

I love the holiday season that begins with Halloween and ends with New Year’s Day.  Enjoying the fun, gratitude, and the season of giving that accompanies this particular time of year makes me smile.  I hope that you are enjoying it, too.

I’ll be offering everyone a special treat in my next blog, and I won’t keep you waiting long!

Happy reading!


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