The Nameless: Book 4 of The Gift Series

The past, present, and future collide when Anya, Etherea’s last Oracle, is kidnapped by a stranger called Nameless.  She soon discovers that her captor has plans to use her in order to seek revenge against Emil, the sociopath who stole his innocence and memories and turned him into a vicious fighter and ruthless killer.  When he realizes that Anya’s power holds the key to his past, Nameless decides to modify his plot and keep her for himself.

Impulsive and stubborn, Anya, daughter of Tabitha and Alexi, rapidly uncovers pieces of her captor’s past, including his name: Xander.  As she glimpses his history, she quickly loses her fear of Xander, finding goodness within him when he becomes her selfless, fierce protector.  “Every heart can be reached,” her mother once told her, adding, “Where there is love, there’s hope.”  But will Xander’s refusal to accept his own worth prove Anya’s mother wrong?

Pursued by Emil and his henchmen, the couple discover their passion and love as they uncover more secrets about Xander’s early life and try to accept Anya’s startling last prophecy.  Even as they flee from one country to the next, both are determined to stop Emil before the promise of what is meant to be can be crushed by the events of the past.  If Anya’s final vision doesn’t come to pass, then Etherea’s future itself is in jeopardy.

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