Unheard Of: The Limitless Series, Book 3

Mind.  Body.  Soul.  Henley Fraser, owner of Harmony Massage, uses massage therapy in order to help clients find balance between the three.  Yet, her own balance is upset when she meets Micah Hugen, another business owner who lost most of his hearing in childhood.  When Micah hurts his back, Henley hopes to show him the benefits of massage.  However, they quickly realize that the attraction between them will make a professional relationship impossible.

Henley and Micah discover passion and an acceptance that they’ve never experienced with other partners.  As Henley learns how Micah’s deafness affects his life and business, she realizes that he hasn’t let his physical challenge stop him from achieving success.  Yet, Micah’s hearing loss had a profound impact on him and his family.  Henley, facing her own struggles regarding her elderly parents’ decline, sees that Micah carries the burden of past losses with him.

Micah and Henley are confident that they can handle any situation together as long as they hold fast to their love, desire, and humor.  But a sudden, unprovoked, brutal attack threatens their happiness.  The aftereffects will either destroy their dreams or push them toward the lifelong commitment they both envision.

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