Cover Reveal and Pre-order info for Under Her Skin: The Limitless Series, Book 4

Under Her Skin:  The Limitless Series, Book 4 Goes Live on July 10th! 

So, you’re asking what this latest Limitless book is about, right?  Well….


Everton Marshall lost his wife before he turned twenty.  No stranger to hardship, the young widower raised his deaf child while first attending college and then working as a paramedic.   Now an empty-nester, Everton is lonely, in need of a career change, and shocked by his daughter’s recent revelation regarding her sexual orientation.  He surprises himself by confiding in his neighbor, Citrine, who subsequently confesses that she’s been attracted to him since they were introduced the previous year.

Citrine Gaimin, who runs a hair salon out of her home, isn’t used to sharing details about her life.  Finding out from F.B.I. agents that she’d been betrayed by the person she loved most, Citrine became adept at concealing her past and the fact that she has Von Willebrand Disease, a bleeding disorder.  Suffering rejection from partners who didn’t want to live with someone who had VWD, Citrine quickly realizes that Everton understands her situation and isn’t bothered by it.

Citrine and Everton enjoy camaraderie and passion as they explore the possibility that they are meant to be together.  However, an accident may prematurely end their relationship – and Citrine’s life – before they have a chance to find out if they’re destined for true love.

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I’m thrilled to bring you Everton and Citrine’s funny, passionate, and touching romance!  Of course, for those readers who love the other books in The Limitless Series, there are appearances by characters from earlier novels and the introduction of someone who will be a leading character in the next Limitless book, Brain Storm, which will be released later this year.  I wonder if you can guess who it is after you’ve read Under Her Skin?

Happy Reading!