It Happened One Night…Well, Maybe It Took A Little Longer

Last week, I attended and participated in Indie BookFest 2018 at the Westin Lake Mary in the Orlando area.   This year’s conference did not disappoint.  It was excellent, and the signing was great.  I sold out of Sight Unseen halfway through the signing!  I suppose I’ll have to take more of that title to next year’s event.

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Indie BookFest 2018 was filled with networking opportunities for authors, an author dinner, Industry Day, and Reader Day as well as the IBF Book Signing.  Also featured were Fanfare for fans with VIP tickets on Friday night and a pajama party with karaoke on Saturday night.

Am I an angel?  Hm….

The panel on which I spoke was It Happened One Night:  When Real Life Bleeds into Fiction and How Authors Are Inspired .  There were two rounds. 

Round One
  • Violet Howe
  • Catherine Kean
  • Carrie Pack
  • MG Hayes
  • Lyssa Layne
Round Two
  • Lisa Hughey
  • Valerie Willis
  • SE Smith
  • Tracie Roberts
  • Barbara Cutrera
  • Julie Morgan

The session was extremely interesting, and the room was packed.  I gave away three books:  Over, Under, Across & Through, Sight Unseen, and Compromising Positions.  I always enjoy participating in panels and interacting with audience members during and after the panel discussions.

I definitely plan to be a part of IBF 2019 and hope to attend Space Coast next June.  I’m not certain about other conferences and signings since Budge and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in January and are planning a three-week trip out west in order to commemorate this occasion.  Therefore, we’ll have more budget and time constraints placed upon us in 2019!

I love IBF.  We attended the first one and have been part of each one since.  Indie BookFest is one of many wonderful book events that connect authors with other authors and with readers.  Those who organize and participate in IBF are extra-special, and I so appreciate them!  If you’ve never been, then I hope to see you there next year.  I’ll be posting about IBF 2019 as it approaches next year.

Hadrian did have withdrawal symptoms while we were gone.  He was glad when we arrived home!

I have to admit that I had withdrawal symptoms, too.  I missed our furry baby!  Still, it was worth the few days of separation in order to make the most of Indie BookFest 2018!

Happy Reading!