New Year, New Series, New Winner!

Happy 2019 from my husband, son, Hadrian, and me!

I won’t review my 2018 literary career here.  Loyal readers know what I’ve been up to for the past twelve months.  You also know that Brain Storm:  The Limitless Series, Book 5 will be my next release.  What comes after that?  The subscriber votes are in, and the answer is…The Essential Elements Series!

This new series centers on five brothers who possess paranormal abilities relating to the elements of Heart, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.   Caden, Beck, Sawyer, David, and Thorn  Brody were trained from childhood by their adoptive father, Elias, to gain vengeance for murder victims whose killers could not be legally brought to justice.  Well, that’s what Elias told them.  His motives were much more sinister, and his sons have to figure out his actual intentions before it’s too late.  Although not biologically related, the Brody brothers’ fraternal bond is unbreakable.  The only way to thwart their father and to discover the truth about their birth parents is with the help of five amazing women, one of whom literally holds the key to their success.  Relocating to the most unlikely of places in an effort to skew Elias’s evil designs, the formerly solitary brothers will come to understand that love can provide them with the chance to save the world, uncover the truths about their unique beginnings, and open their hearts to a future that will prove to be anything but lonely.

Moving on to giveaway news, the winner of the 2018 Newsletter Subscriber Grand Giveaway is Shana C.  Congratulations, Shana!  During the course of 2019, you’ll be receiving one signed paperback of each of the 18 books I’ve published to date.

Keep the beautiful memories of 2018 alive, my friends, and let the bad ones go as much as you’re able.  2019 brings with it what each new year offers – opportunity.  I intend to make the most of it and hope that you do, too!

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Happy Reading!