The title of today’s newsletter involves a bit of a double entendre, but that’s fitting for the cover reveal and release date announcement for the next steamy romance in The Limitless Series!  Under Her Skin, Book 4 in the series, was released last July, and I’ve been busy with other projects and the daily demands of work and family.  Plus, my husband and I are preparing to take an awesome trip to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado in order to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.  There’s another major trip in my future, but you’ll have to keep reading in order to find out more!

As summer approaches, so does the release of Brain Storm, which is Book 5 in The Limitless Series.


Social worker Brooklyn Quinn meets artist and gallery owner Gabriel Travers during his search for his sister, Etta, a runaway with cystic fibrosis.  Since Brooklyn’s father has been missing for sixteen years, she takes a personal interest in Gabriel’s efforts.  What begins as an attempt to work together in order to locate the girl turns into much more for the couple.

Gabriel and Brooklyn soon discover that they have many things in common.  Both grew up in dysfunctional families, have helped to raise their younger siblings, are driven and independent, but are ultimately lonely.  Gabriel has used his developing business and family obligations in order to avoid romantic commitments, while Brooklyn has shied away from relationships because of concerns that her epilepsy will discourage prospective partners.  To her surprise, Gabriel doesn’t perceive Brooklyn’s epilepsy as an obstacle.

As they face challenges relating to Etta’s fate, Gabriel’s overprotectiveness, Brooklyn’s unexpected spike in seizure activity, and new revelations regarding her father and his disappearance, their love for one another will sustain them.  Yet, a startling crime involving close friends will test their bond, leading them toward a future neither of them ever envisioned, one which they now desperately desire.

Now that you know the scoop, take a look at the cover!

On sale JUNE 4th!

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I have one more completed book in The Limitless Series that I’ll release later this year.  It’s main character is intimately linked with this couple and their story, and so I decided to change my plans for releasing a new series in 2019.  I’d rather temporarily wrap things up for The Limitless Series and start releasing books in one of my new series in 2020.

What else will I be doing in 2020?  Other than writing and all that accompanies being an author in today’s complicated publishing world, I’m planning a trip to Great Britain!  I’ve been dreaming about going since I was a small child, and I made up my mind this year that I can’t wait any longer.  None of us knows what the future has in store.  I took the plunge when I published my first novel in 2013, and I’ve never regretted it.  So, I’m taking a different sort of plunge now, one that will take me “across the pond” to Great Britain!  I have a feeling that my time spent in England and Scotland will end up in at least one future book.  What do you think?

Happy Reading!