Something to Take Your Mind Off the Stress of COVID-19

I don’t know about you, but all of the COVID-19 news and the panic that many people are experiencing as a result is stressing me out.  Plus, my son and I have been scheduled to go to Great Britain in May for many months now.  As of the date of this newsletter, we have seven weeks left before our departure date.  Only time and circumstance will determine whether or not we can – or should – go.

So, what’s a girl to do?

How about a cover reveal and a new release?

The latest book in The Limitless Series will be released on Amazon on March 31st!  Leave all of your cares behind and focus on the characters and their struggles and the romance that ensues.


Ryan Quinn intended to return to Florida after eight years of Army service in order to be closer to his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.  What he didn’t expect was to lose part of his left arm during a firefight at the end of his last tour of duty.  Now living with his family while reintegrating into civilian life and adapting to his disability, he’s uncertain about following his original dream of going to college and becoming a professional photographer.

Then Ryan meets Cora Chen, his young nephew’s physician’s assistant.  The soft-spoken petite beauty appears to know exactly what Ryan needs when he’s struggling emotionally.  Her sense of humor and her daring attitude surprise and excite Ryan as he gets to know her better.  However, Cora, whose brother died under mysterious circumstances during his own time of military service in the Middle East, secretly suffers from depression.  Suspecting that her parents, who moved back to their native country of Taiwan after their son’s death,are at the root of Cora’s problems, Ryan attempts to be as supportive of Cora as she is of him but remains uneasy at her refusal to seek counseling.

When a minor incident leads to major conflict between the couple, Ryan is reminded of how much progress he’s made since his homecoming and realizes the depths of his love for Cora.  But her own demons threaten to cut their relationship – and her life – short unless he can save her.  Their fates rest in Ryan’s remaining hand, and he vows to hold on to Cora with all of his considerable strength.


This will be the last Limitless book for a while.  I have ten other novels in three different series that will be released next.  The first of those will debut this summer with the other nine to follow at fairly regular intervals.

Take this opportunity to escape with Out On A Limb.  Reading is great for stress relief, right?

Happy Reading!