Out On A Limb Is Now Available – And FREE!

Out On A Limb is now available in Kindle format and is FREE for the next five days!

We each need a distraction in this time of crisis.  So, I decided to dedicate my latest release to the medical professionals and volunteers helping in the battle against COVID-19 and to make it free for five days.  Download it on Amazon for no charge between today, March 31st, through April 4th!

Click here to download Out On A Limb for FREE through April 4th!


Ryan Quinn intended to return to Florida after eight years of Army service in order to be closer to his sister’s family.  What he didn’t expect was to lose part of his left arm during a firefight at the end of his last tour of duty.  Now living with family while adjusting both to civilian life and to his disability, he’s uncertain about following his original dream of going to college.

Then Ryan meets Cora Chen, his young nephew’s physician’s assistant.  The soft-spoken petite beauty appears to know exactly what Ryan needs when he’s struggling emotionally.  Her sense of humor and her daring attitude surprise and excite Ryan as he gets to know her better.  However, Cora, whose brother died under mysterious circumstances during his own military service in the Middle East, secretly suffers from depression.

When a minor incident leads to major conflict between the couple, Ryan is reminded of how much progress he’s made since his homecoming and realizes the depths of his love for Cora.  But her own demons threaten to cut their relationship – and her life – short unless he can save her.  Their fates rest in Ryan’s hand, and he vows to hold on to Cora with all of his strength.


Escape into this steamy romance at no charge for the next five days by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy.

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