A Free eBook from Author Barbara Cutrera

Day 3,889,489 of the pandemic.  Okay, not really.  But it feels like it, doesn’t it?

I hope you’re well and are finding ways to destress during this time of continual upheaval in our world.  Personally, I’ve taken up knitting and have been rereading all 20 of my previously released works.  Both activities have helped me to cope with the insanity of 2020.  But I want to do more to help others.

How about a free book?

A new edition of Prim & Proper with a fabulous updated cover is now available.

Get your free Kindle book from July 27th – 31st by CLICKING HERE, and escape into the world of Sean, Prim, and the supposedly idyllic community of Aurora, Georgia.  If you like small-town romance, steamy love scenes, and a dead body or two with a mysterious killer lurking in the background, this is the book for you!

So, turn off the news, disconnect from social media, and lock yourself away from the global crises while you escape with Sean and Prim and rediscover what true love is all about – assuming our lovers survive to enjoy their happily-ever-after!

Take care, and Happy Reading!