Has the World Gone Crazy?

I’ve finally started writing again!  I hadn’t been inspired to write since the pandemic hit the U.S.  I did teach myself to knit using YouTube tutorials and have been doing well making scarves and blankets.  Last week, I made my first sweater.  Hey, I’m learning!  Right?

 2020 has brought each of us the threat of Covid-19  and related financial woes, emotional pain, stress, and upheaval.  Plus, we in the U.S. have had to deal with the political crap and the fallout from the racial tension and injustices present in our society.  Of course, those in other countries are dealing with their own versions of the same things.  Not a happy time for any of us….

I’d planned to release a five-book paranormal romance series this summer.  In the end, I just didn’t have the heart to release the books.  Or, rather, my heart wasn’t in it.  My heart hasn’t been into publishing at all since the release of Out On A Limb at the beginning of March.  There are too many other things weighing it down.

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I’ve decided not to publish any more books until 2021.  I’d like to start fresh after the new year is underway.  Beginning next week, you’ll get the first of several surprises from me that will hopefully help you to hang in there until this apocalypse is over.

Happy Reading!