New cover! New fonts! Free eBook!

I promised you surprises to help make the rest of 2020 more bearable.  Here is the first!

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This extremely untraditional love story has always been one of my personal favorites.  However, while the font on my name was being updated on each of my previous releases, I decided that Bound By Grace needed a fresh look more in keeping with the other three books in The Gift Series.  The entire series got a “font” lift when it came to the titles as well.

Download the Kindle version of Bound By Grace for free from September 22-24.  If you haven’t read the unusual love story of Alexi and Tabitha, take advantage of this opportunity.  If you already have the eBook, redownload it to get the most current version of one of my most beloved steamy romances.

Not familiar with Bound By Grace?


Tabitha, adopted daughter of Jordan and Noah, finds herself kidnapped by slave traders and spirited away from her home country of Amare. Beautiful, gentle, and capable, Tabitha, an artist, is determined not to be sold into slavery. The birthmarks on the back of her left shoulder that resemble Etherea’s two moons might ensure that she’s never purchased, but they might also result in her death.

Arrogant, brilliant, and successful, Alexi is an inventor and businessman who doesn’t approve of slavery. Yet, he’s compelled to buy Tabitha, both to save her and to solve many of his own problems in his home country of Skye. Underestimating Tabitha’s kind heart and inner strength, he refuses to believe that he can ever love or be loved by anyone. Abandoned as a newborn, Alexi is certain of his own abilities but not of his own self-worth.

When Tabitha’s efforts to reach Alexi’s heart result in a tragedy for which he blames himself, their future together seems unlikely. But Tabitha’s capacity to love and forgive the man who can’t forgive himself is crucial when it comes to saving them both. Alexi must realize that he is bound to Tabitha in the most fundamental of ways if they’re to be truly free.

Next week will bring with it another surprise. 

Happy Reading!