A New True

TRUE:  3 Short Stories has a wonderful new cover!

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Readers begin their journey through this collection of three short stories by immersing themselves in the world of young Cotton Landry. Her father makes his living as a gambler, but Cotton dreams of leaving her rural Louisiana town in order to become a doctor. When all seems lost, Cotton is forced to face a hard truth and uncover the real meaning of love and devotion that will both break her heart and set her free.

 Victor Jones’s life is forever altered when the one person he allows himself to truly love is killed because of his family’s involvement in the Intelligence Community. As a result, Victor loses his focus and purpose. He finds direction in a most unlikely place and discovers that the person he loved and lost left him a much more rewarding legacy than he anticipated.

 Emma Jen had an unusual upbringing in her Mississippi town and envisioned an exciting future with a smart, handsome, romantic man. That future was not meant to be.  Now middle-aged and a widow for many years, she is raising her granddaughter alone. Longing for the life she never had, she decides to discover if it’s not too late to attain an even greater dream than the one she sought as a girl.


I’m thrilled with this new cover and the fact that the book has updated blurbs of each of my current releases.  Pick up your copy today and see if there are other titles of mine that you’ve missed and might enjoy!

Happy Reading!