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A  fan favorite released several years ago,  A Lovely Dream:  The Seneca & Michael Duet, Book 1, is yours free in Kindle format from October 7-9!

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One night, Seneca Jones has a vivid dream in which a smart, handsome man loves her passionately and unconditionally. Seneca, a social worker, dismisses the dream as a manifestation of longing for what she fears she’ll never have.  But she figures out shortly after meeting Michael Benedetto, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, that he is the man of her dreams.  Both brilliant and haunted by their pasts, Seneca and Michael realize they were meant to be together regardless of their extremely different backgrounds and their individual struggles with PTSD.

Despite their devotion to one another, however, Michael’s past as a spy and the horrific incident that Seneca witnessed as a teenager put their relationship, as well as their lives, in jeopardy.  As their love and commitment grow stronger, Seneca and Michael vow to work together to help others who are fighting similar battles.  Unfortunately, while they attempt to deal with their own issues, they have no way of knowing that an even greater danger looms over their future.

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